Definition of supermarket shelves

Supermarket shelves are essential for business in chain stores, supermarkets, showrooms, etc. They are great assistants to help arrange products neatly and beautifully. Besides, the aesthetic design of the shelves also contributes to making the storage space more luxurious and eye-catching, thereby making a deep impression on customers.

Structure of supermarket shelves

Supermarket shelves are composed of the following three main parts:
Rack frame: Bearing the load of the racking system.
Corrugated iron plate: Where to place the product.
Wire mesh: Support product division.
Product display shelves at the supermarket are manufactured from quality steel materials, helping to ensure durability and use time. The base is commonly designed with a thickness of 1.4 mm and a corrugated iron moment of 0.85 mm, creating an extremely sturdy and solid shelf. Thanks to that, it can withstand more than 200 kg/floor loads. Investors and customers will feel secure when shopping for goods displayed on these “genuine” shelves.

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Besides, the shelves are designed based on the load norm of 200 kg/floor. We also actively analyze each specific business item, providing appropriate parameters to reduce the customer cost burden.
The high-end design of supermarket shelves
We not only focus on quality but also elaborate on the design of storage shelves. One Tech uses modern production lines imported from Europe to create beautiful tubes and sophisticated and natural welds.
Electrostatic spraying technology is the solution ONE TECH uses. The coating is even and smooth with various paint colors (can be changed to match the store’s style). Before painting, we process supermarket shelf parts through a rigorous process to remove the oxide layer on the iron and steel surface.
For each store, One Tech shelves create their designs based on the views of both investors and consumer tastes. High-end supermarket shelves must not only convey the meaning of the brand but also generate sympathy from consumers.
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