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ONETECH VIETNAM GROUP, A reliable manufacturer and many incentives for choosing long-term development cooperation!
The shelf production market in recent years has flourished. In 2 years, the whole country has been challenged by the nCovid epidemic and the harsh isolation policy. The global economy suffered from severe economic crises, bottlenecks in supply chains and trade, and a sharp drop in demand for goods. Only essential goods industries are double-developed such as supermarkets, essential goods, and medicines.
In the current period, the epidemic has temporarily subsided, Vietnam’s economy has been fully expanded, and the current government has also introduced a lot of policies to support capital, finance, and facilitate investment. Promote public investment and domestic consumption. At the same time, Vietnam is not immune to strong inflation. Still, it is also an opportunity to do small businesses without having to worry about holding cash that is depreciating.
ONETECH VIETNAM is a manufacturer of supply equipment for supermarkets and factory warehouses. In 10 years of strong development, especially 2 years of the nCovid epidemic, the supermarket and warehouse supply business has not decreased but also doubled, affirming the No. After 10 years of development, Onetech Vietnam is honored to receive ISO 9001: 2015 international certification after many times of inspections and certifications. Onetech Vietnam, from that development momentum, has become a fledgling corporation, but constantly firmly developed by the trend of supplying indispensable goods in the market, the value of cheap products used for all business objects. Business from high-end to low-end. The average annual sales of this business are about 300 billion VND per year, and it is estimated that by the second quarter of 2023, it will double to about 600 billion VND per year, with a growth of 2-6% per month. Production capacity in 2023 will reach about 600,000 tons/year.

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