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Marketing Insights from A to Z 80 Concepts Every Manager Needs to Know (Philip Kotler) (

Reflecting on the state of the discipline, it oc- curred to me that it is time to revisit the –

Basic concepts of marketing

First, I listed the 80 concepts in marketing critical today and spent time mulling over their meanings and implications for sound business practice. My primary aim was to ascertain the best principles and practices for effective and innovative marketing. I found this journey to be filled with many surprises, yielding new insights and perspectives.

I didn’t want to write another 800-page textbook on market- ing. And I didn’t want to repeat thoughts and passages that I have written in previous books. I wanted to present fresh and stimulating ideas and perspectives in a format that could be picked up, sampled, digested, and put down anytime. This short book is the result, and it was written with the following audiences in mind:

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